Monday, September 29, 2008


This Jim Zorn guy is a GENIUS! Wow, you KNEW all along that he was destined to be a great coach. After a HORRIFIC outing by all against the Giants (even the coach couldn’t get it together to run the hurry-up offense), the Skins have bought into Z’s philosophy and have now won THREE straight. It’s all about keeping it MEDIUM (see:

To his credit, he has his team playing very well and he has so much MOJO that he’s even changed their luck. In yesterday’s IMPROBABLE victory over everybody’s post Tom Brady-out-for-the-season-injury-Super Bowl FAVORITE Dallas Cowboys, the Skins actually got a few BREAKS. That NEVER happened to Richie, Steve, Marty, Norv or King Joe. At least two OBVIOUS penalties weren’t called at key times – a facemask and a false start. At another CRITICAL moment, the Boys had 12 players on the field. Duh. Finally, somehow that on-side kick just slipped over the out-reached hands of a Dallas receiver with the vertical LEAP of David Thompson.

Jason Campbell continues to thrive in the Z-Coast Offense, and the defense continues to LEAD the league in turnover ratio. What up with THAT?

Even Carlos Rogers looks good, which, frankly, is a LITTLE scary. The kid with the dreads -- Chris Horton – he’s MONEY. You selected him in the seventh round (249th overall)…lucky we already had a good kicker (perfect yesterday) or you may have used that pick on a SIDEWINDER. Hey, that PUNTER you DRAFTED upped his average yesterday to a respectable 40 yards per game. Way to GO, Georgia Tech.

Can’t wait for the PLAYOFFS to start. We are IN the playoffs, aren't we?

Go Skins.

Your loyal fan.

(Photos by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images and AP Photos)

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