Wednesday, September 10, 2008


According to the AP, Midway through the first quarter, Oakland Raiders fans were digging into their game programs to learn more about that rookie Denver Broncos receiver out there embarrassing their $70 million cornerback.

That would be Eddie Royal, a second-round pick from Virginia Tech. After his NFL debut in Oakland, the Raider Nation should be worried it'll become far too familiar with the Broncos' budding star.

Royal had nine catches for 146 yards and a touchdown, and Jay Cutler passed for 299 yards and two touchdowns in Denver's 41-14 season-opening victory over the Raiders on Monday night.

Royal did most of his damage against DeAngelo Hall, also a former Hokie who was acquired from the Atlanta Falcons (where he made news for his very public and incessant defense of Michael Vick) in the biggest move of the Raiders' off season restocking. The new look was still unsightly for the Raiders, who fell behind 27-0 in the third quarter.

Hall committed two 15-yard personal fouls against Royal on the same drive in the second quarter.

Nice, DeAngelo, NICE!

Said Bronco QB Jay Cutler, "We played 1-on-1 football with them. We didn't out scheme them. Eddie Royal beat DeAngelo Hall time after time after time. That's what happened."


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