Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For today's edition of THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO…HMMM, we offer up some culture clash, and Lord knows TAH knows summpin' 'bout culture.

Evidently, there was a small altercation (by southern standards) down in South Carolina when the visiting Princeton pep band took itself on a (pre-approved) tour of The Citadel’s campus prior to their Saturday afternoon football game.

While this little sidebar has naught to do with the ACC, we will acknowledge some relevance since it involves a school affiliated with New Jersey that’s lousy at football…

So you know, Princeton’s band is a “scramble band” which is different from the traditional marching band. Obviously, they don’t march. Their unis don’t always match (especially the hats and shoes), and they tend to be a bit irreverent for lack of a better word. UVA has just such a band as does William & Mary. In the south, they are called “pep bands.” Others enjoying the format include: Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Penn, Dartmouth and Yale. Add to the list a couple wild cards from Rice (Texas) and Stanford (California), but it’s primarily an “ivy thing.”

So you also know The Citadel’s Corp of Cadets is just that – a bunch of kids at a small private military college who take themselves and their role in the military system damn seriously.

Now, the Princeton band had submitted for approval (and gotten same) their halftime schtick to the Citadel authorities, so the Carolina boys knew they were coming and they knew the yanks planned to poke some fun at their confederate cousins. No doubt the pot required a minimum of additional stirring for some fun to breakout.

To put what follows in perspective, here's a excerpt from the Citadel web site: The Citadel takes pride in educating the "Whole Person" - mind, body, and spirit - and the cadet lifestyle is an important aspect of this educational process. From the freshman year until graduation, numerous opportunities and challenges are afforded cadets both within the cadet companies and through the many cadet organizations on campus. The Citadel's faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all students and to providing a stimulating environment which is conducive to their personal growth.

If you are interested in joining the Corps of Cadets, please consult the requirements for incoming freshmen and transfer students on our Cadet Admissions web page. Let us help convince you to rise to the challenge.
And here's some scoop from the Princeton site: A "scramble band" is kind of like a "marching band", only with less formality, more funniness, and more fun — in other words, better. The PUB has been known to march on occasion, but we're more likely to amble or saunter around. We're not your high school band. During our halftime shows, we get in and out of formation by scrambling. Hence the term "scramble band."

Unlike most college bands, the Princeton Band is entirely student-run. Our twelve
officers are all students who are elected by the Band at large. Anyone who wants to tag along (except law enforcement officers) is welcome to become a member.

Needless to say, these two groups should NEVER tailgate together!

Here at TAH, we frequently say “there are two sides to every story and the truth is almost always found somewhere in between the versions.” We’ll assume this tale o’ shenanigans is no difference, and since we have no vision of the truth beyond a well-known predisposed geographic prejudice, we’ll give you both sides of the story as best we can. In other words, we’ll let somebody else explain it…
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