Saturday, September 13, 2008


This morning, the burgeoning juggernaut known as the FYF Colts took another step toward the 2008 Instructional League National Championship with an overpowering victory over the over matched Seahawks 70-14 at the Vint Hill Gatorade Juice Box Field 1-A Stadium.

Like’s sharks in bloody water, the fired-up Colts were everywhere at once playing both stifling defense and runaway offense. Coach Chris Pearson’s East Coast Perfect Option T-Bone Double Wing Offense could not be stopped, scoring on four of the first six plays.

(The top left photo is fairly typical – a bunch of Seahawks chasing a Colts’ ball carrier with lots of green space in front of him.)

In their constant effort to improve and to realize their six-year-old potential, the Colts also accomplished another first – a completed pass. QB #21 C. Goff turned and threw a perfect strike to RB #11 D. Gibbson who hauled it in before hustling around right end for the second touchdown of the day.

The Seahawks were awestruck.

The Colts never looked back.
Next week, the Colts face those pesky Falcons who gave the Colts some trouble at last night’s FHS Spirit Night.

Look for Coach Pearson and his staff to spend some extra time studying film and game planning for next week’s big game.

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