Friday, August 8, 2008


Friend o’ TAH, Gary Hicklin (we can’t remember exactly how he got the nickname Mr. Hinkman, but it had something to do with Puffy Buffett, volleyball and the long-lost beloved Cardinal Restaurant. It’s a long story, and, frankly, we can’t remember most of it.) had a life-long dream to ride a bicycle all the way across the good ole U.S. of A.

We know what you’re thinking, and, no, he’s not crazy. He’s determined, and in DAMN GOOD SHAPE. He trained up to this and planned it meticulously. He sent his bike and his gear and ultimately himself across the country from Warrenton, VA to a little hitching post called Warrenton, OR.

On June 1, he dipped his rear tire into the Pacific Ocean (symbolic gesture), and embarked on a bike ride across our nation. He has had all sorts of adventures, and you, loyal reader, can check them out at Gary doesn’t lack for a good sense of humor, and you will enjoy his prose and his photos. We particularly liked the title of his post after he entered the great potato state – “I-DA-HO and proud of it.”

That’s quality blog, and we know good blog when we see it.

In short, he has spent over 350 hours in the saddle covering over 4,200 miles. Here’s the update straight from the one-man-peloton’s mouth:

“On Friday, the final segment of my route will take me from the Skyline Drive, down Thornton Gap, into Sperryville and East on 211 into Warrenton. After lunch in Sperryville, I will most likely get to the Warrenton PO around 4:00 and then pedal over to Highland School to meet with Lise to catch a ride home (EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey, Lise, how about giving the old man a ride in the CAR from the Post Office to Highland? Jeez, help a brother out!). At some point in time, I will complete the coast to coast connection to the Eastern Shore.”

Well done, Mr. Hinkman. We are all damn proud of you.

Can’t wait to hear all the stories.

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