Wednesday, August 6, 2008



We’ve been travelling around the Old Dominion quite a lot this summer and we have seen some interesting sights. So many, in fact, that we have started to carry along a digital camera so we can report back to the TAH faithful.

On a recent trip to Fredericksburg to visit a member of the Virginia General Assembly, we had an occasion to visit a pre-fab office park where said Delegate’s office was located. We parked next to this establishment…and, well…it kind of catches the eye, no?

Welcome to the Kesitah Deliverance Ministry and Majestic Robes Co. (hours by appointment)! C'mon in!

First question to the esteemed public servant was pretty obvious: “Is your neighbor’s business a front and have you considered contacting the FBI and Homeland Security?”

Thus was born a new TAH feature. When retelling the story, we were pressed for a name for this new important segment. Assistant Creative Director Young A.T. advocated “Really Now” in honor of the hysterical SNL skit about Michael Vick called…well, it’s kind of obvious…”Really Now.”

While we liked that and the other suggestions offered by family members, friends and loyal readers, we ultimately decided to stick with a good ol’ TAH stand by…THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO: HMMMM…

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