Thursday, August 28, 2008


LET’S REVIEW…As a final farewell to the 2008 Olympics lets review a few lapses in sportsmanship and some down right cheatin’!

The boys over at Sports Illustrated put together a little photo essay of not-so-classic Olympic moments, and we thought we’d share.

Starting with, a Keith Jackson used to say, the Grandaddy of them all!

In 1972, the youngest U.S. team in Olympic history saw its 63-game win snapped by the arch rival Soviet Union in the final agonizing ticks of the gold medal game. Referees twice put precious seconds back on the clock with the U.S. ahead, 50-49. First, the Soviets argued they'd signaled for a time out. Then play was restarted after the final buzzer because the clock had not been reset after the first stoppage. Given yet another chance, Alexander Belov snared a full-court pass and dropped in the winning lay-up at the buzzer.

The U.S. filed a formal protest with the International Basketball Federation and refused to pick up its silver medals. To this day, the members of the team have not accepted them.

Here's the squad: Mike Bantom (St. Joseph's), Jim Brewer (Minnesota), Tommy Burleson (NC State), Doug Collins (Illinois State), Kenny Davis (Georgetown KY College), James Forbes (Texas-El Paso), Thomas Henderson (San Jacinto J.C.), Bobby Jones, (North Carolina), Dwight Jones, (Houston), Kevin Joyce (South Carolina), Tom McMillen (Maryland) and Ed Ratleff (Long Beach State).

(Photo by AP/File)

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