Wednesday, August 13, 2008


NICE, FRANKEE, NICE!! What was Mr. Hinkman thinking when this photo was taken last Friday in front of the Warrenton (VA) post office at the conclusion of his trans-America bike ride…?

Perhaps something like: “Geez…I ride this stupid bike all the way across the damn country and when I get home, twenty people greet me at the post office and one of them works here (George, leaning on rail) and one of them is FRANKEE…!"

Nice, Frankee, NICE!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: For the record, there were more than 20 people to greet the iron man when he rode into to town. We’re just poking fun because…well…that’s what we do. Especially, if we can work in our main man Frankee, and our favorite tag line which he invented in the Green Leaf Pub in Williamsburg, VA: “Nice, (fill in the blank), NICE! With props to Dirt, of course, for the assist.)

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