Friday, August 1, 2008


Evidently man boobs are not cool in South Africa where everybody worships the man in black – Gary Player.

Obviously, Mr. Player who is generally known as an enlightened soul, isn’t so keen on this particular male anatomy anomaly either.

In a recent issue of Vogue – which, of course, IMMEDIATELY begs the question: What the hell was Gary Player doing talking to Vogue in the first place? – Mr. Players said the following not so nice thing:

"EVERY time he walked, you could see his breasts bouncing all over the place"

(Editor's note: Emphasis on EVERY not added by TAH. And, evidently, it was Men's if anybody knew there was such a thing.)

Note to Phil: Old Hall of Fame golf guy just called you out on the man boobs thing.

Photo © Rich Hodge;Mickelson


  1. He's no doubt had the operation -- it's getting more common than a face lift these days. Man boobs is a growth industry with so many fat guys these days. John Daly is the professional golfer that takes the cake. Search for him in Google images.

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