Saturday, August 23, 2008



Fauquier Youth Football (a farm system for ACC football) got underway this morning and the “Galloping” Colts’ offense picked up where the “Great Wall of” Broncos' defense left off. Bolstered by eight returning six-year-olds from last year’s Bronco squad, the Colts were much too fast for the bigger, but slower, Ravens.

The boys rushed for two scores in the first and two more in the second. An additional TD by Devin was called back due to a (ridiculous…Ok, Ok, it was a tackle, but a nice tackle!) holding penalty. (In case you were wondering, extra points are "automatic.")

The Colts defense didn’t look quite as sharp as the “Great Wall of “ Bronco when it was in mid-season form, but they clearly will excel as more players fully understand the concept of “find the kid with the ball and tackle him.” Evidently, it’s harder than it seems.

The Ravens lone touchdown came on a second quarter reverse. Yes, you read that right – a reverse, and a damn sweet one at that!

Toly Hansbrough (above and right w/sis A.G.) made his debut and played in all four quarters. Scouts for both North Carolina and Virginia Tech were rumored to be at the game. UNC basketball coach Ol’ Roy had said prior to FYF’s season opener that Toly was “loosing some of his basketball focus.”

Not to disappoint, after returning home for some watermelon and guitar hero with a bunch of cute older girls, Toly returned to 141 Chasewood Lane Court to, as he says, “make some hoops.”

(Markkel #2 racks up big yards on "student body left.")

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