Friday, August 1, 2008


It’s that time of year when young men take the field and begin the pursuit of the National Championship in America’s new pastime (move over baseball, you’re old, slow and drug addled) college football. Or in the case of the ACC, young men take the field to begin the pursuit of an ACC Championship and oh so painfully probable loss in a BCS bowl game.

But, we digress.

Since TAH isn’t a traditional ACC sports site, we aren’t gonna get all bogged down in preseason previews. You can catch that at ESPN, Yahoo or We just stick to the high points – like what is the most important question TODAY on the minds of ACC football fans.

Let’s see…Is it:

Which genius at UVA thought it was a smart idea to open with USC?

Will FSU ever find another QB who can throw the ball farther than 23 yards accurately (the key word being accurately?) And if they find him, can Coach Bowden remember the kids name before the end of his junior season?

Will Butch Davis make the Heels competitive in year 2 or will he have to mow Roy’s lawn again?

How many QBs can Ralph Friedgen play in one game?

Can Paul Johnson use his Navy rushing game effectively at Georgia Tech?

Which team, Miami, FSU or Virginia Tech, will toss a player from the team for some sort of criminal behavior, academic failure or violation of team policy first? (Oops, sorry Tech you already blew that one when you s***-canned your starting RB a couple of months ago.)

Is Boston College really in the ACC?

Why doesn’t anybody really care about N.C. State except N.C. State?

Which two incredibly close games will Clemson lose to teams that they should beat the pee livin’ snot out of?

Will Wake Forest be the Wake Forest of 2006 or the Wake Forest of every other year?

No, no and no some more.

The burning question on everybody’s mind is simply can the James Madison University Football Dukes (the 2004 NCAA Division 1AA Football National Champions and #7 in the 2008 preseason poll) defeat the every so lowly Duke Blue Devils in both teams opener on Saturday, August 30th?

(Praise Jesus, let JMU win…puh-leez…we’re begging!)

Overwhelmed with early action, Vegas has pulled down the line. That must be the reason TAH can’t find one…

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