Thursday, August 28, 2008


...about their cars.

No doubt those Crimson Tiders will poke fun at themselves, but you better not.

Clemson Defensive Coordinator Vic Koenning made a little joke and evidently the boys down in Alabama were NOT amused.

After Monday night’s practice, Koenning responded to a question about Crimson Tide star freshman Julio Jones (below) by saying he had seen Jones and fellow blue-chip receiver B.J. Scott get in Cadillac Escalades on separate occasions — a shot at Alabama’s recruiting methods.

Koenning sought out reporters later Monday night, suggesting he had been “kidding around,” but the damage had been done.

The comment rippled through the state of Alabama and led Scott’s prep coach, Vigor High’s Kerry Stevenson, to tell the Mobile Press-Register that Koenning “better not come back on campus.”

Koenning said Tuesday he has no idea what vehicles those players drive.

“I thought I was so off the wall that I thought it was tongue-in-cheek and even went back to make sure that those around knew I was joking.”

The involved parties did not share that interpretation.

“Here’s a school (Clemson) that’s had zero bad blood and has recruited that state actively,” Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said. “That’s why I was kind of surprised it snowballed and got the momentum it did.

“We didn’t even recruit him — Julio Jones. So that shows you how insignificant the statement is.”

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