Friday, August 1, 2008


There is no way the stuff shirts at the American Jockey Club which regulates the names for U.S. Thoroughbred horses would let this gem through the process. Although, they did wake up one day and realize some clerk had approved Bodacious Tatas and Scorched Panties as registered names of what turned out to be two pretty good race fillies, typically speaking the Jockey Club old boys don’t go in for such nonsense.

Enter our stepchild cousins over in Standardbred (or harness racing as it is sometimes known) world. You know the ones with the little carts called a sulky.

They have a nice race called the Hambletonian (purse of $1.5 million) that is the harness racing version of the Super Bowl/Kentucky Derby. Evidently, it’s a big party. (By the way, the photo illustrates why they call Standardbreds "jugheads."

This year the 2 to 5 early favorite is a horse named Deweycheatumnhowe.


(AP Photo/US Trotting, Mark Hall)

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