Saturday, August 30, 2008


...and depression set in.

Shortly after finding out he’d been tossed of the Republican presidential ticket, our main man Gary “Mr. HinkmanHicklin picked up the local papers “Weekend” section only to learn he’d been upstaged yet again by a young female runner.

Not three weeks after Mr. Hinkman’s triumphant return to Warrenton, VA from his cross-country bike ride – a little event the local rag failed to cover, we might add – the headlines scream “3,200 MILES LATER:” The story is about N.C. State grad Elena Helmerick who ran...yes, you read that right…RAN across the U.S. (The Continental U.S. that is…both Hinkman and Helmerick didn’t even factor in Alaska which shows you, yet again, why choosing the Governor from that state to be V.P. is just plain “crazy talk.”)

Helmerick, a 24-year-old intern at Mount Sterling Farm in Rappahannock County, VA (1,349 electoral votes) became the 10th woman in history to run from one coast to the other. She works on the farm taking care of the animals and selling meat.

An advocate of a healthier lifestyle, Helmerick has been running all her life. She and her beau rented a RV and headed off across the country starting in Virginia Beach. It took her four months to reach her destination on the California coast. In doing so, Helmerick, who was raising money for two charities, ran an average of 30 miles A DAY for 115 DAYS!!

“There were sections where I’d run 32 miles a day, like in Kansas where it’s a little bit easier,” Helmerick told the Fauquier Times-Democrat Weekend. “Then, over the mountains, I’d run 20 miles a day because it got tough. The most I ran a day was 35 miles a day.”

Typically, she ran three hours in the morning and three hours at night.

To that TAH says, Nice, Elena, NICE! You are a bad a**!

Mr. Hinkman could not be reached for comment, but his spokesperson said he may have mumbled something like “let’s see her pull off that s*** when she’s my age…” while reading the story.

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