Saturday, June 14, 2008


So Mr. Havelock says Havelock Jr. is “generally a good person who was being punished for momentarily snapping.”

“I know what kind of kid he is. If he was a bad kid, I’d say, ‘You deserved what you got.’ But he’s not,” Frank Havelock said. “He needs to talk to a counselor. He doesn’t need to be incarcerated.”


He threatened to shoot unrelated innocent parties at a major sporting event with an automatic rifle because he didn’t get a liquor license for his restaurant? That’s a momentary snap?

We don’t think so. As far as a momentary snap goes on a scale of 10, a one is kicking the dog. A 5 is grabbing your chainsaw and cutting down all the trees in you’re a-hole neighbors yard, and a rock solid 10 is pushing your wife/girlfriend/spouse/partner/little brother out of a moving car.

Shooting innocent people because you didn’t get a liquor license is not in the “snap” column. No, you must look over to the right at the “crazy” column. First it’s threats over the liquor license then you send bombs to people who don’t leave big enough tips, right Mr. Kazyinski?

We know it’s close to Father’s Day, but sorry dad. Lock him up.

By the way, kudos to the Arizona Alcohol Beverage Control Board for having “crazy” as an official reason for denying an application.

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