Wednesday, June 4, 2008


North Carolina still is loading up on elite basketball talent, and other ACC schools are getting into the act as well.
As summer camps for prospects get into full swing in June, ACC basketball fans have good recruiting news on the heels of three consecutive largely forgettable NCAA tournaments.

One-third of the 24 McDonald's All-Americans in the Class of 2008 are headed to ACC schools. In the Class of 2009, six of's top 20 players have committed to schools. Four of them have chosen ACC schools.

"I think the ACC is really from my perspective, the number one conference in America in recruiting success right now," said All-Star Sports analyst Bob Gibbons. " ... It bodes well for the future of the league."

Over the past three years, the ACC has had just one Final Four participant and an NCAA tournament winning percentage (.559, 19-15) lower than those of the SEC, Big 12, Pac-10 and Big East. But that hasn't hindered recruiting.

North Carolina has three McDonald's All-Americans entering school in the fall and two top-20 commitments for 2009, according to Other ACC schools such as Wake Forest, Florida State and Virginia that don't routinely land elite prospects also have McDonald's All-Americans coming. Clemson has a top-20 commitment for 2009 in Milton Jennings.

"It strengthens the league in a big way," said analyst Dave Telep, "and you've got to include Miami in there, too, because (with DeQuan Jones) they popped their first top-25 recruit since Darius Rice (in 2000)."
Conference Number
Pac-10 5
Big East 4
Big Ten 2
Big 12 1
Conference USA 1

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