Monday, April 14, 2008


Robbi Pickeral of the News & Observer in Raleigh wrote a nice piece recently outlining Tyler Hansbrough’s reasons for staying in school and for leaving school.

Of note to us was one of the REASONS TO GO:

According to Pickeral, one critical issue is “overexposure.” “He started feeling some of the backlash that goes with being the NCAA's top player when a few members of the national media complained that Hansbrough was "overexposed." That sort of criticism is likely to increase.”

We see Pickeral’s point about resentment, jealousy and human nature having a negative impact on what is said about Hansbrough in the media. However, ultimately we think NBA personnel guys are smarter than that…or will they be influenced by a constant stream of unrealistic criticism if he stays in school and doesn’t overwhelm everyone next year.

Ultimately, overexposure is exactly what Tyler Hansbrough and Tiger Woods have in common.
We heard a caller on the radio pre-Masters saying he was going to pull against Tiger and an Augusta victory because he is “sick to death” of the media talking about golf’s best player. He pointed out, perhaps correctly, that if somebody shot 59 and Tiger shot 69 the lead would be “Tiger shoots 69, trails Masters by ten strokes.”

There is a good bit of truth to that, and we noticed it right away when Tiger joined the tour. It obviously hasn’t hurt Woods much as he plays in a sport where he controls exactly what happens to him. Hansbrough needs to impress NBA folks and who knows how much extra criticism as a result of overexposure might impact their decisions on draft day where each spot can cost a kid big bucks.

A lot of people are tired of Tyler Hansbrough and his seemingly endless award season. Some are tired of hearing about his work ethic and about how hard he plays. Frankly, we wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Hansbrough was one of those people.

But, there is a solution. Stop listening. If you are tired of Hansbrough, you can control the amount of his sound bytes with which you are subjected. Granted you will get a big dose during the ACC tournament and NCAA tournament if he hangs around, but you still have the ultimate control. Change the channel. Don’t read the story in the paper or on the Internet. Watch UNC games with the sound off…You know the rules of basketball, you don’t need anybody to tell you what you are seeing, and you certainly don’t need to subject what is left of your brain to Dick Vitale’s shrill nonsensical blathering.

You ultimately have control of overexposure. We stopped watching all but the majors a few years back because we were weary of Tigerwatch which dominated any tournament in which he played. We get it. So we could still enjoy Tiger’s march to greatness, we simply edited our own exposure. It wasn’t all that hard. More grass got mowed, etc.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t bust on Tiger or Tyler because of something a third party (the media) is doing.

Didn’t we go through this some years back when shock jock Howard Stern burst onto the scene. People were screaming about the content of his hit radio show.

Now, like then, the solution was simple, if you don’t like what the media is saying, stop looking, listening and reading.

(But make sure you read the rest of T.A.H.)

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