Friday, April 4, 2008


Amazingly, some 36 hours before the most important college basketball game nobody from the Tar Heels, Bruins or Jayhawks did anything stupid enough to get them tossed off the squad.

This includes UNC’s three-time All-American, and (according to Wikipedia) Naismith Award winner Tyler Hansbrough who went to practice and played ping pong with injured point guard Bobby Frasor. Bruin superfrosh Kevin Love sat by the pool and listened to his uncle’s old band, The Beach Boys; and Kansas’ leading scorer Brandon Rush just hung around in Kansas doing…well…whatever it is they do out in Kansas.

(However, while the crack research staff at T.A.H. couldn’t turn up any chicanery/tom foolery by the other three Final Four participants, they did manage to find [to the delight of our Hokie friends] this picture of Kansas’ football coach Mark Mangino’s underwear.)

All three coaches agreed that the the lack of inappropriate behavior and/or comments that led to no suspensions would not be a distraction for any of the teams.

* items in italics may not be true. YEAH! Mr. Duke Illustrated Blacklist Committee members, how about them apples?!?!

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