Thursday, April 17, 2008


There's more than one important player named "Chris" that Virginia desperately needs to replace. In addition to standout defensive end Chris Long, the Cavaliers also have to worry about losing kicker Chris Gould.

During a season in which Virginia won an NCAA-record five games by two points or less, three points every now and then came in pretty handy.
Out with one Chris, in with another.

So far, redshirt freshman Chris Hinkebein (2nd r) is struggling with his accuracy and consistency, although his kicks have been long enough.

"We're trying to work on some things with him to smooth that out, with style and so forth, but it is a situation of concern," coach Al Groh said. "The field goal kicking was such a significant factor in our success last year. Obviously Chris Long is going to be tremendously missed, but we're acutely aware of the tremendous impact Chris Gould had on the team, and if there's a dramatic drop-off in that production how it could significantly affect -- not necessarily how the offense and defense perform -- but what the scoreboard looks like at the end of the game."

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