Wednesday, April 2, 2008


…for real.

Those chippy sports reporters/editors at the Duke Chronicle are at it again:

By: Tom Segal, Posted: 3/28/08

My first two years at Duke were a disappointment to say the least. Early exits from the Big Dance certainly cut me deep, but the fact that neither one surprised me somehow cut me deeper…

(After blaming a bunch of stuff on Brian Zoubek, whom Segal called "piece of dog poop” wondering why he can’t move his feet on defense when they are constantly moving on offense, and torching the soon-to-be departed King, he takes on K.)

The person to blame is... oooh boy this is hard to say... Mike Krzyzewski (covering my head for fear of lightning bolts striking me). We had a great opportunity this year. We had a great team. We were one game from being the top-ranked team in the country, and it all fell apart. All those high school All-Americans, all that talent, and we weren't even the top private school in North Carolina (that'd be Davidson).

That blame has to be placed on the man in charge.

And this is what our basketball program has come to: me, a Blue Devil for life, publicly skewering a man I've idolized since my youth.

I will now go cry myself to sleep. Hide the whiskey.

Here’s the whole story, it’s worth the read.

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