Monday, April 21, 2008


Jeff “Nos” Kabel is best known for demanding style on the hoop court. Not so many years ago, after a long evening of socializing at a local Raleigh establishment, a small group of weary travelers made their way to Nos’s crib in suburban Raleigh. The group was headed to Pinehurst the next day for a golf trip, so all were looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Unfortunately, Nos had another idea. Well, he may have had more than one, but, at 12:45, this one he could actually articulate. It wasn’t an idea, so much as a rule.

The Late Night With Nos Rule, as it is now known, was quite simple. Upon arrival, his guests were told they could not go to bed – in fact, they couldn’t even go in the house – until each of them made two consecutive free throws. Again, it was approaching 1 a.m.

Shaq, meet Memphis with a side dish of Clemson thrown in on top. Manute Bol had a better shot of draining a pair than this bunch.

Needless to say, it took a while and the neighbors weren’t amused.

But we digress.

On this year’s very same trip to Pinehurst, Nos had an ace.

Here’s his version of what went down at Foxfire’s 12th hole:
We've played 9 holes without a beer. Sure, it's only 10:00am, but a guy needs to smooth out his swing after drinking heavily the day before, and we've all just heard about Tommy's colonoscopy for the 5th time. (For the record, Blaze tells T.A.H. is was three times, maybe four max.)

So Tommy and I are just about to leave Sport and Billy and head back to the clubhouse when the Beermaiden appears. Lo and behold, she is carrying a tank full of cold, delicious, colorless, oderless, tasteless Coors Light. We down a couple and play 10 an 11 in an improving mood.

Hole #12 is an imposing, devilish challenge. Sun and wind are directly in the golfer's face. Hardly a place for the squeamish. Tommy hits one to the left of the green. Billy puts one on...again. Sport puts one short to the right. I address the ball with conviction, using a modified Snead grip that compliments my natural inside out swing.

The Backswing was low with weight shifting to the outside of the right cankle. The swing peaked with the club parallel to the ground and pointing directly at the pin, which was flapping loudly in the gale force tsunami. After holding the triangulation for a brief pause to
synchronize the hip and shoulder rotation, I flexed my left ribcarriage to initiate the downward pull, arms fully extended to generate maximum clubhead speed.

While maintaining perfect head stillness and watching the clubface strike the ball between the T and i (It was a Titleist 1), I then concentrated on a full finish with hands high over the left temple and weight shifted to the left cankle. The ball began its historic trajectory with an immediate burst from the powerful impact arching high to the left side with a perfectly executed left to right fade.

Unfortunately, a combination of old age and glare prevented us from seeing the ball drop in the hole.

So next time you go to his house, you might have to make two consecutive free throws and an ace…

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  1. ...and to think he was able to do this with only a 3 wood. Amazing!


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