Friday, March 14, 2008


If you listen to sports talk radio or watch television pre-game coverage of any major sporting event, surely you know by now that the talking heads decide in some production meeting who is going to take which side of the debate. That’s just how it works, controversy sells. The blogsphere is no different.

Now amongst the screaming of the anti-Carolina crowd that he travels every time he touches the ball (according to ESPN’s Pat Forde: “And still the Dukies were left screaming that Hansbrough got preferential treatment from the refs. The oft-repeated chant: "Tyler travels every time!" And not just the body-painted student horde screamed it. Also raucously shouting it were the always-demure Krzyzewski women, wife Mickie and daughters all in the act”), there comes a new complaint. (Yeah, we know it's awkward, but we had to work that Mrs. K2 item in there somewhere...)

Tyler Hansbrough gets all the media love (and the calls, we presume?) because he’s white.

Sometimes, people write stories to generate a response, and we surmise that might have been exactly what Mike Freeman was up to over at CBS when he wrote this piece claiming the media loves over-achieving Tyler Hansbrough because he’s white and America loves over achieving white athletes:

Evidently he got stirred up by some hyperbole from Dickie-V and took it from there. In his defense, is the simple fact that he believes all great college player try really hard all the time. Of course, he could have said that, but had he done so his column wouldn’t have attracted nearly as much attention. And that is our point…

Here’s a nice piece of blogdom refuting the notion.

We concur with Blue Work Horse, the appeal of Hansbrough seems to be that he has gotten every rebound, every point and every steal out of his body by stomping on the gas pedal for every moment he plays in each game…It appears, and the key word is appears, that some incredibly gifted athletes, both black and white, don’t always do that…Who knows, maybe every top college player plays as hard as humanely possible every minute of every game, and we are hung up on the Hondo Havlicek myth?

Having said that, now we are going to tell you why the media really loves Psycho-T – it’s his separated-at-birth resemblance to Kill Bill superstar Uma Thurman.

And as all of you know, America loves Uma and Oprah.

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