Tuesday, March 18, 2008


You know TAH is a big fan of the "What He Said/What He Meant" interview format. The folks at CarolinaWaterCooler.com put a good one after the ACC semi. As usual around here, items in italics may not be true.

(FYI - We don't know what the Chuck Norris references are about. Maybe a loyal reader will give us the inside info.)

What Roy said after Saturday's win over Virginia Tech.
What Roy wanted to say after Saturday's win over Virginia Tech.

I told Seth Greenberg after the game – and I really meant it – that I thought they really outplayed us”. Fortunately, their complete and utter inability to step on our throats when they had the chance allowed us to hang in there and eventually get Tyler locked up as Player of the Year. “We were very fortunate and made a couple of plays at the end.” The unfortunate thing is that Tyler will probably never live down that dadgum seizure he had there after he hit the winning shot.

“We’ve gotten to a point in the last week or so where Ty has been able to practice.” Truth be told, we've actually just gotten to the point where he's so much better that he can no longer pretend that he can't practice. “Quentin has so much more confidence now. We’ve been splitting the time and repetitions during practice in the last week and I think that it helps.” It also helps that Quentin's tears can cure cancer; too bad he's never cried. I know that doesn't make any sense in this situation, but I was reading Chuck Norris facts on the crapnet last night, and I saw that. Made me think of Q.

On the players coping with officials' calls: “You’ve got to understand that the ref is not going to call it when you’re bumped, and hopefully they won’t call it on the other end when you bump the guy”. You'd also hope that they'd call it when Tyler receives a blow that would classify as assault and battery in 37 states, but that's not always the case. “The players have to learn to adjust to how the game is being called by the referees.” That's why Tyler just makes all of his gol-dang shots. If they call a dadgum foul, great. If not, so be it.

On needing to win the tournament for a No. 1 seed in the East Region: “Last week we had discussions because everybody said that we had to win against Duke to be the No. 1 seed and to stay at home. Well, we did that.” On their senior night. Again. With the Cameron Dweebs in there crying on each others' shoulders. Did I ever tell you about the time one of them threw a rotten grapefruit at me? I hate them. “Now, everybody thinks it’s the same thing. I’ll still say the same thing this week – we’re going to try to play as well as we can play and on Sunday, we’ll go wherever they tell us to go.” Unless they tell us to go to the Georgia Dome.

“But I don’t get caught up in that.” The only time I ever get on the crapnet is when I'm reading Chuck Norris facts. “We haven’t talked to our team about that”. We just let Will Graves handle all of the bracketology. Did you know Will is our resident bracketologist? He's like Joe Lunardi with a jump shot. And without the crazy teeth.

“Until this week, and I’m telling you, I’ll never hit another golf ball if this is a lie, until this week, I didn’t know where the regionals were.” And I'm not even sure that I could name the other 19 teams that comprise the ACC. I don't have time to pay attention to any of that stuff. “I knew there was one in the state of North Carolina.” Iredell County, I think it was.

“I found out there was one in Phoenix – heck, I wouldn’t mind going to Phoenix, it’s warm”. But it's a dry heat.

“But I’m serious, I do nothing with those kinds of things.” I usually let Wanda fill out my bracket for me. She picks the teams based on which mascots she could most easily cook and then mix into a banana pudding. We generally finish at or near the top of whatever pool we're in. But I don't pay any attention to it. Heck, I don't even know where she keeps the computer. She asked me to check our email the other night and I just threw my shoe at her. And I don't actually get online to read Chuck Norris facts, I just have her print off a bunch of them for me. Dadgummit, pass me a Coke...

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images and AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

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