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When D.C. Sports Blog’s Dan Steinberg covers a game, he covers the game…right down to the shoes.

The best sneaker art I saw at the D.C. subregional came in the Xavier locker room, where someone had written "Sweet 16" on his kicks. The best I've seen nationwide came on Stephen Curry's shoes, which read "I Can do all things." But these are mere insignificant trifles compared to the sneakers in the Duke women's locker room, which are easily the best Division I kicks I've ever seen.

The artwork is done by freshman Karima Christmas; "that's called the Karima font; it's trademarked," one of the other Devils told me.

"You just say, 'Hey Karima, freak sum'," said Wanisha Smith, describing the commission process.
The shoes pictured here are the left and right sneaks of Christmas, but there are others that bear the Karima font. Smith's reads "When I get the rock ur at my mercy," and her left reads "I get buckets," and some other stuff.

Christmas has the "Xmas" and "LAX/HOU" borders, paying tribute to her last name, city of her birth and current residence. Her right shoe reads "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, while her left shoe reads "Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure," quoting Nelson Mandela.

Amazing, in my opinion. Go Devils.
(And full disclosure, without name tags or rosters, when I saw Christmas's shoes I was like, "what's with all the Christmas stuff?" No, that wasn't embarrassing at all.)

The Duke women have advanced to the Sweet 16.

Frankly, we are a little surprised that the uptight decal lovin' NCAA doesn't have rules prohibiting "shoe art."

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