Thursday, March 27, 2008


One of the great things about being a college kid is you get four (or five, in some cases) years to prove to the world just how smart you really are. After all, most kids think they know everything about everything when they get to campus, so those four years are spent polishing things up for the ultimate display that will wow corporate America, law school, dental school, Wall Street or wherever the young genius decides to leave his or her mark.

After all, paying $46,000 a year for college at Duke and spending some portion of each winter sleeping in a tent has to make you smart(er), yes?

Enter Andrew Yaffe of Duke University. Andrew is probably a nice kid, but he takes on Coach Krzcvbwqpl3ski in a piece in the Duke Chronicle. He makes some very good points, but he blows his own credibility all to crap with his own self-introduction, not to mention a lame headline.


By: Andrew Yaffe

You know, 28-6 is a great season.

That's what Mike Krzyzewski said after Duke's loss to West Virginia Saturday in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Respectfully, I beg to differ…

…As a member of the second class since 1985 to leave Duke without enjoying a Final Four trip, I'm not happy with how this team, just like last year's, struggled down the stretch.

Oh the humanity, how many poor, bedraggled, downtrodden and unfortunate college students didn’t get to “enjoy” a “Final Four” trip? Let’s think now…A couple hundred thousand EVERY DAMN YEAR! Jeez, some 500,000 UVA graduates have never sniffed the place…(Sorry, Hoos, but somebody had to take the fall.)

Here’s the whole story:

So what is wrong with the Blue Devils? Too many McDonald’s All Americans? Coach distracted by Team USA? Sense of entitlement getting the best of all things Cameron?

No, no and no. Don’t over-think it.

The problem for Duke the past two years is they don’t’ have an NBA caliber big man playing in the paint. At present, they don’t even have an above average big man to do the heavy lifting that necessary to play deep into March. They had Josh McRoberts who ran from Durham and floundered in the NBA D-League. Either Krzychgre4ski doesn’t want to recruit an NBA quality big man – most likely a one-and-done or two-and-done at best – or he simply can’t land one. (Some claim it's because all of Duke's assistant coaches were guards.)

This year Duke didn’t have an All-American, and they only had one All-ACC first team player – DeMarcus Nelson. Nelson is 6’4”.

Duke either can’t successfully recruit (for reasons unknown to us) or won’t recruit the NBA caliber players that make a difference. Gone are workhorse big men and future NBA stalwarts like Shane Battier, Carolos Boozer, Shelden Williams and Elton Brand to compliment shooters like J.J. Redick, etc.

Kyle Singler is a quality player and evidently so is the little used Taylor King, but neither will lead Duke back to the Final Four unless they can shoot the ball 60% for 36 games. We don’t see either one averaging a dozen rebounds a game…ever.

That’s a tall order, and Duke simply isn’t tall enough.

Now you know.

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