Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We made January J.J. Redick Appreciation Month…yeah, that little piece of tongue we bit off is just about grown back.

Now our focus is on the Patrick Gay Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament and J.J. may play a role in that event as well.

As you may recall J.J. got wind of the death of a friend’s son who was tragically killed last summer not long after graduating from JMU. Patrick Gay (c) was a huge Duke and J.J. fan and he was buried with two J.J. jerseys. Reddick got word through family connections and stepped up to do a good deed for Patrick’s brothers. In short, he invited the Eric (l) and Chris Gay (r) and another buddy down to Orlando on his nickel to hang out and go to a Magic game as “family.” The guys had a ball, and had nothing but good to say about J.J.

Add to this the Gay family made green bracelets to commemorate Patrick’s all too-short life. They all wear them, and, now, so does J.J.

Here’s the link to the original story.

and here’s the story from the local newspaper:

So, the Magic come to town to tangle with the Wizards and the Gay family heads down to give J.J. a shout out. He doesn’t know their coming, but there he is wearing his green Patrick Gay bracelet.

Here’s the story from mom Pam:

“I got really close to the floor during warm ups and was taking his picture. He looked over at me and I pointed to my green bracelet and he gave me a “thumbs up” and a big smile. He was wearing his green bracelet!

He got us passes at the end and we got to meet with him for about 10 minutes then he had to get on the bus and catch a flight back to Orlando. We got pictures and I gave him the newspaper article, golf brochure and a green bracelet for his brother and mother…

JJ is such a likeable guy and so easy to talk to. He is quite a “looker” too with an infectious smile… just like Patrick. He is such a sincere kind hearted guy. Now I see why the boys are such great fans. It will be great if he can make it to the golf tournament but Orlando may be in the playoffs then.”

(We may have just embarrassed Pam with that “looker” part…sorry).

So, if J.J. can make it he’ll be at the Patrick Gay Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament on Friday, May 23rd at the Bristow Manor Golf Club in Prince William County, VA. Either way the tournament is SOLD OUT which surprises absolutely no one around here. You can however still help sponsor the tournament or make a contribution.

For more info email dad Tom Gay at

(JJ Photos by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

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