Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So did he say it to piss off Ole Roy, or was the “other schools” remark a which literally separated his school from “other schools?”

Good question, K2 says it was the latter, but, again, he could just be messin’ with Ole Roy…

With just five days left until a nationally televised (CBS, 9pm) rematch of the world’s famous Tobacco Road rivalry, Duke coach Mike Krzxvhgbd6ski (K2) spoke up yesterday about Injurygate.

According to K2 it was merely a misunderstanding?

"You know what, no one has asked me about that but I haven't paid that much attention to it," Krzyzewski said on the ACC teleconference on Monday morning.

"I think if there's a problem, people should talk. But if you look back at what I said, I never said 'other schools.' I was talking in an after-game thing with Bob Harris.

If I want to tweak somebody, I'll do it in front of all you guys. I'm not saying I've never done that but all of that is so stupid. It's so stupid. That's about I all I say is that it was stupid."

Here’s Sportz Assasin’s take from AOL ACC Fanhouse:

Now, there are two ways to look at this. One is that he's telling the truth in a way. He may had just threw in the "like other schools" to set his Duke program apart from how they deal with revealing injuries. Williams took it the wrong way and then blew up.

Or you can see it as cunning backpeddling. Krzyzewski is an excellent tactitian and knows exactly what he's doing. He knows he can get under the emotional Williams' skin and the fact that he has been silent this entire time (until bringing it up the week they face again) is digging up old wounds.

Or, it could be both.

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