Saturday, March 1, 2008


The NFL's free agency and trading period began at midnight Friday, and according to the Redskins, Snyder and Co. have no designs to be major players.

“We are espousing a wait-and-see attitude to the market,” said executive vice president Vinny Cerrato.

Cerrato is the Executive Vice President in charge of player personnel, so he should know. Because of this simple fact, the Redskins don’t have a General Manager that they desperately need because Mr. Snyder and VP Cerrato don’t think they need one.

These are the same to guys who gave up two draft picks for a wide receiver they just released last week after three years and NO TOUCHDOWNS. (We won’t even mention Jeff George, Mark Brunell or Deion Sanders.)

Owner Daniel Snyder and Cerrato say they are more attuned to fiscal restraint this year after reaching the playoffs in 2007, but their cap situation also is a factor.

Nonetheless, Washington did resign QB Todd Collins to a three year $90 million contract. “I thought they would offer a three year deal worth $9 million, but, hey, I could use the extra $81 million,” Collins said. “Heck, I know my way to the park, my family likes it here and who wouldn’t like to be under worked and lavishly over paid?”

“Really, it’s CRRAAAZZEEE, but I took the money. I mean I was all set to go out in the free agent market, but then I remembered that nobody pays more than the team I’m already on,” said Collins. “In the end, it was kind of a no brainier.”

In spite of the fact that Redskins are going to wait and see, and they really don’t have any money under the cap, they do have meetings scheduled early next week with Randy Moss, Derek Anderson, Marion Barber, Lance Biggs, Donte Stallworth, and, in keeping with the tradition established by the other three guys we won’t name (Jeff George, Mark Brunell and Deion Sanders) Daunte Culpepper.

When Executive Vice President, and not the General Manager Cerrato was informed that Derek Anderson agreed to terms with the Browns on Friday morning, Cerrato said, “Doesn’t matter, we’ll pay more.”

*items in italics may not be true...key word being "may."

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