Monday, March 3, 2008


...same as the old profanity?

First there was Dick Vitale yowling at a frenetic pace while saying absolutely nothing of consequence. Then there was Digger, saying things of consequence but distracting us by waving around those stupid matching highlighters…

So the question is, can we focus while Bob Knight (K1) is tossing a chair at our flat screen FROM THE INSIDE no less!?!

ESPN announced Thursday that Knight will appear as a guest studio analyst leading up to and during the NCAA tournament.

"I think ESPN has been real good for college basketball and I look forward to working with some of their people who I have known a long time," Knight said in a statement.

Knight will work a packed schedule for ESPN.
Knight is scheduled to begin his new job March 12 during the conference tournaments. He'll provide commentary on Selection Sunday and through the early rounds of the NCAAs, then travel to San Antonio to offer analysis during the Final Four.

Among other things let’s see how much K on K love we have to endure. K2 was all over K1 in his post-game remarks following K800. K2 was quick to say that he was what he was thanks to all he learned from K1. Let’s face it, K2 is K1 without the personality disorders…

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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