Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Earlier in the season the word got out that ACC refs told Duke guard Greg Paulus to stop "flopping." Here's a video of one of his better ones. Also, below is the link to the application to the Duke Flop Camp. According to the application, you have to be white, like Italian soccer and a bed wetter to achieve admission...

Here is the application:

Interestingly, if you Google "Greg Paulus flops," you will get a number of YouTube results. One of them was done by a guy at Clemson who points out 10 plays where the Blue Devils threw themselves on the floor. Several were jump shots where the backward collapse to a prone position seemed rather dramatic for having been struck on the hand or arm.

We get trying to draw charges. That's a great defensive strategy, but throwing yourself on the floor (Scheyer, Paulus) when you are touched by a smaller player is a bit over the top...albeit effective.


  1. Nothing but superior defense

  2. It's pathetic defense, but unfortunately the current rules rewards flopping.


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