Thursday, March 27, 2008



What? Only one hamburger superstar is headed to Durham to join the other 8 Big Macs?

True story.

And here’s another surprise: This year’s McDonalds’ all-star isn’t a white guy.

Elliot Williams, a 6-4, 165 lbs guard from Memphis, TN is off to The Krzhcgvbwj8ski Court. Williams scored 10 points in last night’s 107 to 102 victory by the East.

Good news for the ACC is that, unlike last year, a bunch of other ACC schools landed McDonaldsAAsUNC picked up three more including one named Tyler. Tyler Psycho-Z Zeller is a mere 7 feet tall, but a wispy 200 lbs. Like Sean May, he comes by way of Indiana.

Also coming to Chapel Hill is Ed Davis, a 6-9, 215, forward out of Richmond. Davis scored 11 points in last night’s Festival de McNuggets. Also going to Carolina is Larry Drew II, a 6-0, 160, guard from Encino, CA.

Other McDonalds’ wonder kids headed to the ACC include: Al-Farouq Aminu, 6-9, 205, forward, Norcross, GA – Wake Forest; Sylven Landesberg, 6-6, 205, Flushing, NY – Virginia; Charis Singleton, 6-9, 225, forward, Dunwoody, GA – Florida State and Iman Shumpert, 6-4, 200, guard, Oak Park, IL – Georgia Tech.

Nice work, fellas.

ABOVE: ElliotWilliams chose the Blue Devils over Tennessee and Memphis, will add much needed athleticism in Durham. (Photo: Ben Smidt/Icon SMI)

BELOW: LarryDrew, Jr. is an efficient floor general who will fit in nicely with the Tar Heels. He won the MAA three-point shooting contest title Monday night. (Photo: Ben Smidt/Icon SMI)

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