Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We’ve said it here before, and we will say it again: All blood, is bad blood.

However, Duke’s support of UNC from day one of the Eve Carson tragedy has been tremendous. We agree with Sportz Assassin at AOL Fanhouse on this one.

"There has been a surprising amount of controversy surrounding the Duke coaching staff not wearing blue ribbons to honor the memory of Eve Carson...

Carolina blue ribbons were given to fans and others at Saturday's Duke-UNC game. The Cameron Crazies wore them, the Blue Devils mascot wore it, ESPN's people wore them and the Tar Heels coaches wore them. Duke's coaches did not.

Let me say this now: I do not feel that it was an intentional slight. I don't know exactly why they did not get the ribbons, but I surely feel that if they had received them, they would have wore them. The fact that none of the coaching staff had the ribbons on meant they never got them.

There have been harsh words all over the internet (including here) saying that Mike Krzyzewski and his coaching staff intentionally did not wear the blue ribbons. I honestly can't believe that. The conspiracy theory is that everyone else got one... o why couldn't the man whose name is plastered on the court not get one (by the way, the Manning Brothers weren't wearing the ribbon, either).

Coach K was instrumental in having Duke University honor Ms. Carson that night. There was a moment of silence and the Cameron Crazies even held off saying "Go to hell, Carolina" (though the Blue Devils' mascot still had it on his headband). I certainly would never, ever, ever believe that Coach K or anyone associated with the Duke coaching staff would deliberately not wear the ribbon.

Krzyzewski wore a gold tie when Duke traveled to Wake Forest. The tie was out of respect to the late-Skip Prosser. Also, Coach K does a lot for the Jimmy V Foundation, in honor of former NC State head coach Jim Valvano.

The rivarly is intense and filled with hate. But it is also filled with respect. I doubt that the rivalry would prevent K from wearing a small blue ribbon on his lapel to honor a brutally murdered 22-year old woman."

We concur. We would expect a comment from K2 during the weekly ACC telephone coach’s press conference.

(Photos by Streeter Lecka and Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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