Saturday, February 2, 2008


Nine University of Virginia students who destroyed a Hokie Bird statue that was part of the Gobble de Art project and symbol of arch-rival Virginia Tech will not go to jail (with Michael Vick...was the Vick playing poker with the dogs funny or what?).

Circuit Court Judge Ray Grubbs of Montgomery County told the nine they could atone for their misguided prank by performing 200 hours of community service.

"He was clearly impressed that they had learned a lesson, and they're all fine young men," said their attorney, Jimmy Turk of Radford, adding that five or six of them are the sons of lawyers. (Huh?) (Jimmy Turk is a college chum of One M.Ball)

The students had been charged with felony destruction of property after ripping a 120-pound fiberglass Hokie Bird statue from its perch in front of Blacksburg's Town Hall on March 23.
Yesterday, Grubbs reduced the felony charge to a misdemeanor, then postponed the trial for one year, giving the young men time to work off their misdeed in the community.

The U.Va. students paid $11,000 in restitution and apologized to Tech and Blacksburg officials as well as to members of the Blacksburg Partnership. They also volunteered labor in Blacksburg, cleaning buildings and even moving Hokie Bird statues out of a warehouse, Turk said.

Then the judge reminded them that in spite of their efforts the Hokies had kicked their ass in last year’s football match up and once this year in hoops as well.

At least they didn’t kidnap any real people…oh, yeah, that was those other Zima-fueled engineering students Guan Yu Lu and Bai Chuan Shu who nabbed some other dude they didn’t like and tried to get $500,000 in ransom…oops.

Nice, Hoos, NICE!

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