Saturday, February 23, 2008


What the buck, over?

Party down under!

Here's a nice story from the Syndey Daily Telegraph -- with TAH translations for those of you who don't speak Austrailian:

As drunken pranks go it doesn't get more stupid (stupid) than this.

A man (drunk dude) celebrating his buck's day (batchelor party) with 26 of his mates (more drunk dudes) thought it would be funny to strip off and be first past the post (finish line) at the Moruya racetrack. Problem was a race involving real horses was tearing down the home straight when the streaker made his mad dash (drunken stumble and face plant).

Jockey Tracy O'Hara was almost sent crashing to the turf when her horse Morcombe took fright as the streaker staggered on to track. O'Hara was "upset and annoyed'' by the streaker's foolish antics. Racing NSW stewards, however, were forced to scrap the race because of the interference which angered punters and owners keen (anxious) to win some cash (cash).

Steward Craig Yeo could not recall a previous time when a streaker stopped a race. (He's obviously never been racing in England.)

A 31-year-old man (drunk dude) was arrested and later issued with a court attendance notice (booked) for offensive conduct (drunk in public). He will face Batemans Bay Local Court where the police also expect to charge the man with entering enclosed lands (trespassing).

But the situation only got worse for the man and his mates when they returned to town that night, only to be told they were no longer welcome (when it rains it pours).

Waterfront Hotel owner Greg Hargraves said the intoxicated punters (horse race bettors) were already starting to blither (slur their words) when they checked in (they were shitfaced).

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