Saturday, February 16, 2008


(You gotta love the Awards Season!)

On the heels of the just completed Africa Cup (Egypt beat Cameroon 1-0 in the final), the scam artists are hard at work via email. So you know, all over Africa they are passionate about soccer and all the related pomp and circumstance as you can see from the photos. So what happens next really comes as no surprise.

Everyone has received the email from the folks in Africa who have some huge sum of money post revolution or after their great grandfather, the benevolent Dictator, passes on to his final reward. Ultimately, they want you to help them “invest” all that scooch here in the good old U.S. of A.

We got a beauty the other day from a Mr. William Muyeke at the Desk of Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Finance of the South African World Cup bid (evidently the actual bid wasn’t important enough to justify a great big ole capital letter) 2010.

Muyeke at the Desk of Chairman addressed TAH as “sir,” which, to quote Bill Murray, is nice.

So, Muyeke at the Desk of Chairman tells us South Africa won the bid for the 2010 World Cup and they did it on the cheap. Evidently, according to Muyeke Desk of Chairman, it only set them back $8 million and they had raised $29 million to payoff the World Cup big shots. Cha-ching, baby!

After a little this-and-that about what an incredible boom said World Cup will be to the economy of South Africa, Muyeke Desk of Chairman proceeds to lift-off into the following sentence, and we quote:

“With the help the living legend of our time 85-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.Nelson Mandela who made an emotive case for The Republic of South Africa, we got the bid without spending all the money, I and my committee members saw this as a God sent opportunity to secure our future and that of our family therefore was mandated by other committee members to look for a way to move the remaining money to a safe place with the help of a foreigner who we can trust and is ready to assist us to move the funds considering the fact that we are still members of the bid committee and in the eyes of the public.”

It would appear that Muyeke Desk of Chairman has never heard of a run-on sentence, and that down in South Africa, TAH means trustworthy foreigner. Man, that equator really buggers up the works.

Of course, they have $21 million to invest and they want to give TAH 20% for helping them out, but that’s not the point.

We just wanted to share that sentence with you simply because we had never seen anything quite like it in all our long years of writing sentences and reading them since we were small childrens which lived in various states around the one nation under God with liberty and justice for all which achieved freedom from the overbearing English lords back in the…oh, never mind, we can’t run (-on) with Muyeke Desk of Chairman.

However, we would like to close with…

Nice, Muyeke Desk of Chariman, NICE!

(Photos Issour Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/Themba Hadebe, AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

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