Friday, February 1, 2008


By Jason King, Yahoo! Sports/

The son of the greatest basketball player in history averages just 0.9 points. But you would never guess that by listening to him describe his freshman season at Illinois.
"I'm having so much fun," Jeff Jordan told me last week. "I'm glad I decided to give this a try."

A try?

Yes, it's true. With no athletic scholarship offer, Michael Jordan's oldest boy had to join the Illini as a walk-on. He's averaging a measly 4.2 minutes per game and has made just three shots all season. Statistically, he sounds like a rare heir to Rare Air.

The refreshing thing is that, at Illinois, no one seems to care.

Nearly three months into his college career, Jeff isn't being deified by Illini fans. He said his classmates don't sweat him because of his dad or tease him because he can't do a 360-dunk.
Instead they're treating him like any other college student, which is all Jeff ever hoped for in the first place.

"I actually dealt with it more in high school than I do now," Jeff said of the attention he often receives because of his father. "On campus everyone has been great. Sometimes we'll go out to eat when we're out of town and people will (approach) me. But my teammates look out for me in those situations."

He pauses.

"Even then, it really doesn't affect me much," Jeff said. "I've been dealing with it my whole life."

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