Monday, February 25, 2008


We are gonna do something that is way, way, way off the reservation…

We are going to defend Duke.

Did you feel that?

Was that a tremor? Or a full blown earthquake?

While an easy victory against an over matched St. Johns’ squad does not atonement for back-to-back losses make, we don’t think Duke is dead just yet .

This is gonna sound stupid, but the key to Duke’s success is really simple: They have to play well. They are talented, motivated and well coached. They are also undersized and inexperienced. If they play good defense and shoot well (like they have for 23 games this year), they are still damn hard to beat.

Check it out – Stewart Mandel of SI thinks he knows why the Devils have sunk down the stretch since 2001. The story makes some good points about their scheduling when they went deep in the Dance v. when they’ve made an early exit.

Oh, and Spencer Hall of the Sporting News thinks Duke gets too much media attention, and they’re “floppers.” (Little does he know, it’s a medical condition.)

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