Saturday, February 9, 2008


OK, WE KNOW IT'S OUT OF ORDER...1,400 posts and we were bound to screw it up eventually.

None the less, how about those Redskins?

Or how about the Swedish Rally...

Petter Solberg of Norway takes a corner during the fifth stage of the Swedish Rally, 08 February, 2008

French rally team Citroen support crew are hard at work on World champion Sebastien Loeb's car after a crash on the fourth stage of the Swedish Rally (Photo credit should read Micke Fransson/AFP/Getty Images)

Swedish rally fans relax in front of a log fire on the 3/6th stage of the Swedish Rally. Unseasonally mild weather has brought spectators from all over Scandinavia to the forest roads around Karlstad.

(Photos by Micke Fransson/AFP/Getty Images)

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