Sunday, February 10, 2008


A LITTLE STORY ABOUT THE VALUE OF EDITORS...and the important role they play in our lives! Here it is from our favorite Tar Heel's mouth M.C. Allen:

"Anyway, funny story about the Gerald Henderson posters--my best guy friends and I got really pumped up the night before the game and decided something needed to be done about public enemy G-Hen. So one of the guys whipped up a flier and we used to copier in our dorm to put out about 250 of those babies. Then the boys put them all over campus.

Granted, the originals are a little bit harsher than the ones you saw all over ESPN, which they printed and handed out to students at the Dean Dome. I've attached the color version of the flier you saw on ESPN.
W. Sigmon, the ring leader, is really into photography so he sent me the picture he took of the ORIGINAL fliers before they went all over campus at 2am Wednesday morning..."

Well done young Heels. Keep up the good work!

Ah, rivalries...good stuff.

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