Wednesday, February 6, 2008


LOOK CLOSELY...You know we love Marquette's uni...Check out the “AL” under the v-neck.

It’s there to honor the late Al McGuire who won an NCAA Championship for them (then the Warriors, now the Golden Eagles) in 1977. The tribute has been going on since 2001 the year of McGuire's death.

A nice touch, yes?

McGuire also enjoyed a lengthy career as a broadcaster, and was know for his distinctive speech now called "McGuireisms." Some of which are now regularly used sport's vocabulary.

Go barefoot in the wet grass (enjoy the moment),
congratulate the temporary (live for the moment),
carnival gates are closed (game's over), salt and pepper coach (X's and O's coach), cupcakes (easy opponents), white knuckler (close game ), French pastry (a showy move), cracked sidewalks (bad part of town), sand fights (hard-fought games), yellow ribbons and medals (success in recruiting ), tailenders (walk-ons or complementary players), Dunkirk (an extremely poor performance), dance hall player (short on talent, but long on effort )
memos and pipes (university administrators and professors), seashells and balloons (victory and happiness), curtains (game's over), tap city (game's over ), aircraft carrier (big center ), cloud piercer (player who jumps well) and ballerina in the sky (player who jumps well).

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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