Friday, February 8, 2008



K.C. “Take Me To The” Rivers hit eight 3-pointers and scored a career-high 32 points Thursday night and, for all intents and purposes, the Wahoos stood around and watched him do it.

Clearly a Big Chill has settled over the JPJA where just a year ago, fans declared it “The New Hotness” during a run to the regular season Championship. Last night the arena was only half-full at tip-off, two-thirds full by half time and rapidly emptying with 10 minutes left to play.

UVa’s primary offensive weapon, Sean Singletary looked to be making every attempt to involve his disinterested teammates in the scoring to no avail. Adrian Joseph did manage 22, while Singletary scored 14 extending his double-figures scoring run to 43 games.

Word on the C’ville street is that task master Dave “Stairway to Heaven My Way or The Highway” Leitao may be losing his players a la Matt Dougherty a few years back. A lot of yelling, and not enough off-camera love seems to have left the Cavs virtually lifeless.

In his post-game press-con, Leitao was asked what he thought of his team’s effort: “I didn’t see a lot, and I didn’t much care for it” was the clipped response. Leitao put a good face on going back to work and fixing the problem, but, in basketball technical terms, Virginia is in “deep doo doo.”

"It's like a virus right now," said senior forward Adrian Joseph, who was the only Cavalier to score for the first 10 minutes of the game. "We're on the court and it seems like nobody wants to be out there. Other teams realize that and they take advantage of it."

The Tigers (17-5, 5-3 ACC) took command quickly with sizzling shooting that lasted all game. They outscored Virginia 27-5 over a span of about 7 minutes in the first half, connecting on 10 of 13 shots overall and seven 3-pointers.

Don't be confused, the Tigers played very well while the Hoos were sleep walking. They shot 61% from behind the arc, while amassing more rebounds, blocks and steals than the Cavs. Of course, Clemson had fewer turnovers as well.

Rivers had three 3s, Cliff Hammonds and Terrence Oglesby two 3s each in the opening run which gave that Tigers a 36-14 lead. The Cavaliers never got closer than 14 as Clemson gained its biggest road victory in ACC play.

The Hoos (11-10, 1-7) trailed by 16 at halftime and by as many as 38 thereafter. Co-champions with North Carolina in the ACC just a year ago, the Cavaliers lost their fifth straight, for the eighth time in nine games and matched their worst start in the league since the 2004-05 season. That's also the last time they lost five in a row.

Props to Dr. A.G. Wahoo for 1) providing the tix and PARKING, and 2) for having the wisdom to avoid this Wahoo of a stinker!

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