Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The kids at UAB tried to go all Cameron Crazy on the #1 Memphis Tigers last weekend, and a good bit of the chicanery was focused on 6-9 forward Robert Dozier.

After the Tigers survived a one-point win there was a brief exchange between visiting players and the home students. Of course, there is always a story behind the story.

Seems as Mr. Dozier violated the midnight rule (actually, it’s just a guideline) and got himself arrested in a Memphis nightclub. That got him a one game suspension and a good bit of teasing from opposing fans.

Then to make it really interesting, Dozier girlfriend files complaint against his former girlfriend. Ev-i-Dently, a woman identified as Dozier’s current girlfriend, Andrea Brown, 21, obtained an order of protection against LaParis Woods, his former girlfriend who has alleged that Dozier slapped her after leaving a nightclub at 3:30 in the morning on Feb. 3.

Brown said in her complaint that Woods has been stalking her and that she walked up to Brown at the Plush Club that night, made a gun gesture with her fingers and said, “I don’t fight. I shoot.”


(Click on the photo at left for a better look at the chaos. Check out the kid on the far left. The double birds isn't too original, but we like his outfit and his intensity.)

Here’s what the fellas over at The Sports Point had to say about the series of photos posted. Good stuff.

Not a lot was made out of the scene at the end of the Memphis-UAB basketball game last Saturday night. Fortunately, a potentially ugly incident was pretty much kept under control in a hostile atmosphere. Thanks to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, however, for capturing these great shots of 6'8", 310 forward Pierre Niles pulling a Ron Artest on what appears to be a UAB student dressed up in a prison jumpsuit.

Besides the obvious, a few other things stood out to us in this photo sequence:

1. We love the girl with a painted on black eye, wearing a shirt "I Date Dozier."
2. The misspelled sign - Mempis. We're hoping this was a play on words, but we're not sure.
3. A total of nine middle fingers.
4. The police officer in the front who forgot she was on duty.
5. A girl capturing the video on her cell phone, right behind the sign.

Not quite Cameron quality, but pretty darn good.

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