Friday, February 8, 2008


Q: Why won’t tattoo artists work on you if it’s clear you’ve been drinking?

A: Because nobody wants to be that closely associated with the definition of the word “stupid.” See below for details.

By GEOFF CUNNINGHAM Jr. – The Laconia Citizen

If Victor Thompson had hair covering his Patriots-emblazoned skull, he admits he probably would have been pulling it out Sunday evening as New England went down to defeat in Super Bowl XLII.

For the New York Giants, the 17-14 win was the realization of one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

But the man who tattooed his head like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's helmet is definitely in the dumps.
"The minute the Giants got that (last second) touchdown I knew it was done ... it killed me," said Thompson.

Thompson, 39, of Laconia, Massachusetts has gained both local and national attention for a stunt that saw him getting the Patriots logo tattooed on both sides of his shaved head and Brady's number 12 on the back along with the American flag.

The longtime fan grew up in Lowell, Mass., and was determined to support his team and its then-perfect season by making his skull a shrine to its season by transforming it into a replica of Brady's helmet.

He went into Sunday night's big game hoping for another Patriots Super Bowl victory — an achievement that had him thinking of tattooing the Vince Lombardi Trophy on the top of his head.

Thompson said he awoke this morning hoping it was a nightmare. "After the game ended I started (partying) ... I woke up drunk. It was a good thing I had my helmet on," said Thompson with a laugh.

However, don't think Thompson regrets getting his Patriots ink done to celebrate what was a remarkable season.

"I did it for myself and for the season. I am just supporting my team," said Thompson.

He noted that he still has plans to get New England's other championship Super Bowl years tattooed on his head.

Until then Thompson has tentative plans to get his entire head tattooed silver like the real helmet and he is still working on getting Brady himself to sign his skull with a tattoo gun to make it official.

Any questions?

(Brady photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) (Laconia Citizen Photo/Geoff Cunningham Jr.)

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