Sunday, February 24, 2008


Q: Can a basketball team, any basketball team, win a game while shooting 8% from the field?
A: Yes, in the 8-year-old-girls division in the rec league. Anywhere else, you’re toast.

Yes, we believe our 8-year-old girls’ team, the WOLFS, is shooting pretty close to that number – 10% tops. To their credit, they play great D, they run the floor like Tark’s UNLV’s squad, they have mastered the bounce pass and how to find the open man (girl).

BUT…and you knew there was a BUT coming…they get excited and they shoot like Stevie Wonder.

However, ten years from now, they should not be shooting 8% like the boys from York Country Day School Greyhounds did in a recent Pennsylvania District 3 playoff game. Yup, a whopping 2 for 24 – 8% -- on their way to losing 74-5. Oh well, at least one of ‘em was three pointer.

It was over early as the Scotland Cadets sprinted out to a 37-0 lead foricing 32 turnovers in the game which led to 34 points.

After York finally made a trey, Scotland scored the next 30 points to swell its lead to 67-3. The Greyhounds' only other field goal was a layup which came with 4:54 remaining in the game.

"Our bench played very well," Scotland coach Randy Taylor said.

Only three kids from York took a shot…Joe Gross was 1 for 6, Levi Snell was 1 for 7 and Yann Potier was 0 for 6. Joe Slonaker, Hunter Moylan and Josh Klinedinst didn’t even take shot.

It is possible that they could have done any worse?

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