Saturday, February 2, 2008


Speaking of Ground Hog Day…

Here’s a little piece from the Raleigh News & Observer’s P.J. Giglio:

Foul Shots isn't the only one who has noticed the Duke junior's flair for theatrics. In the second half of Duke's 92-72 win over N.C. State, Paulus reacted to a screen from the Wolfpack's Brandon Costner like he was hit by a shovel. (Ed Note: In the first half, he drove the lane, saw a NC State guy, short armed the shot badly, and THREW himself, untouched, on the floor…Instant Classic. We didn’t see the the play P.J. is referencing.)

After the exaggeration, official Mike Eades pulled Paulus aside and warned him: "Don't do that again."

And before you fire off that angry e-mail, Duke fan, Paulus, with his 22 points and six assists, was clearly the reason Duke won on Thursday but he needs to do so in a more gentlemanly -- emphasis on "manly" -- manner.

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