Saturday, February 23, 2008


We were so wrapped up in Miami beating Duke and UNC whoopin' State that we missed this item. While the Terps were pukking up a lead to Virginia Tech, one of the Hokies actually hurled ...on the court. Lucky for you, the rest of the blogsphere did not miss this important event.

According to the Baltimore Sun:

Following a free-throw attempt, players retreated to their respective benches after one Hokies' dinner refused to stay down, making an unexpected appearance on the court.

The game was stopped and fans immediately began chanting, "That's dis-gust-ing!"

On the other end of the arena, a group of students quickly flipped around their popular "Fear the Fro" sign and hastily scribbled on the back, "Fear the mop," as workers took nearly 10 minutes cleaning the court.

Here's the scoop from D.C. Sports Blog, one of our favorites:

Trust me, it's taken all of my self-control to only post twice about last night's vomit incident, but since I had sort of a running dialogue with the Balt Sun's Rick Maese about how high the word "vomit" or its equivalent would appear in today's postgame coverage, I figured I owed the world one media follow-up.

Maese predicted a vomit reference would appear in the first sentence of at least one story, and he was right. Hee earns best in show (tied) for a column headlined "Loss to Va. Tech Tough to Stomach." It took him just one sentence and six words to drop his first vomit pun. I counted at least 10 sentences that referred to the incident, including this broadside plastered onto James Gist: "The guy in charge of mopping the sickness off the Comcast Center court shouldn't go home at night feeling more accomplished than Gist."

The Washington Times comes strong as well, with the headline "Terps gag on lead in loss to Hokies," and more first-sentence sickness:
On a night that featured a delay to clean up after a player grew ill on the court, perhaps it was fitting someone ultimately would regurgitate a lead.


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