Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hey, the numbers don’t lie…

With his 29 points against Wake Forest on Sunday, Tyler Hansbrough passed Brad Daugherty for 8th place on North Carolina's all-time scoring list. He has recently passed up guys named Walter Davis, Michael Jordan, Mike O'Koren, George Lynch, Rick Fox, Kenny Smith, Eric Montross and Rashad McCants on that list.

So who’s left to knock off:

1-Phil Ford (2,290)
2-Sam Perkins (2,145)
3-Lennie Rosenbluth (2,045)
4-Al Wood (2,015)
5-Charlie Scott (2,007)
6-Larry Miller (1,982)
7-Antawn Jamison (1,974)
8-Tyler Hansbrough (1,940)

Obviously, he’ll catch Antawn this year, but if he doesn’t come back next year he won’t reach the top rung of the latter. Unless, he averages 30+ from here through the NCAA Championship game…

But, don’t be surprised if he ends up the year in #3 or #2 spot…


  1. Good stuff. Even if Carolina plays just 10 more games this season (three regular season, three in the ACC Tournament and four in the NCAA Tournament) and Tyler averages 20.5 ppg, he would tie Perkins this year.

    If Carolina reaches the Final Four or Tyler averages more than 20.5 a game (his season average is 23.4 this year), then he's alone in second.

    Then, if he returns next season, the record is his early in the season.

  2. Although Hansbrough is obviously a better scorer than MJ, that doesn't mean he's necessarily better overall. MJ was a better dunker than Hansbrough is at this point, although that could change. It's hard to say who is better overall, they are very comparable. At this point Hansbrough has not accomplished as much as MJ, but that will probably change. That will always be one of the great sports debates, who is better in his prime, MJ or Hansbrough, sort of like Magic and Bird or who is better between Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholson.

  3. ^Great sense of humor right there.

  4. To the anonymous above, you are crazy to think there will ever be a debate between MJ and Hasbrough like Magic and Bird! Hard to say who is better overall because they are very comparable? they couldn't be more different! Jordan shoots and dunks, tyler rebounds and plays post!


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