Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Gerald Henderson will require surgery after the season to fix an injury to his right wrist, Duke coach Mike Krzyzgls3wski said during a recent radio broadcast.

Henderson injured his wrist during Duke's 89-78 win over North Carolina on Feb. 6, and has been playing with a brace since that night.

Since the injury, Henderson has not been shooting well, but he seemed to be improved during an easy win over St. John’s when he scored 13 points and punched no noses.

Immediately after the press conference, the US Highway 54 rumor mill was a buzz.

Word was that Henderson called out UNC injured point guard Ty Lawson. “That point guard from that ‘other school’ is a p***y, a wimp, a chicken, a wuss, a pansie, a GIRLIE-GIRL– you name it,” Henderson said.

According to various sources (the guy behind the counter at the Exxon station at the corner of 54 and Hope Valley Road), Henderson went on to say something like “All he’s done is sit on the bench and watch his team win five straight games, while I’ve played and we’ve won one out of three, so you tell me?”

A couple of kids working at the Burger King after school emailed TAH to tell us that Henderson also claimed he would never have surgery and miss the upcoming rematch with the dreaded “other school.”

“No way, I’d miss another shot at going for a ball that’s in close proximity to that Hansbrough dude’s nose…No way.”

Coach Krzydghbnm7ski would only say, “We don’t comment about injuries or injury reports from ‘other schools’ who make comments about injuries and injury reports while making comments about ‘other schools’ and their injuries or injury reports. We just don’t do that. That’s not what leadership is about.”

(TAH DISCLAIMER: Nothing depicted in italics above has actually happened. Yet. Nor has anyone quoted actually said those things. Yet.) (Henderson: AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

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