Friday, February 29, 2008


You might have thought the University of Carolina achieved basketball glory by equal doses of hard work, passion and dedication with a pinch of good luck thrown in on top?

You probably thought it was a coincidence that both Dean and Ole Roy found their way to UNC via Kansas heading east on the highway that goes right smack through the middle of Memphis?

Or maybe that Wilt had the stomach flu when the Tar Heels won their first championships in 1957 against the Jayhawks?

You probably thought it was divine intervention that the greatest player in the history of the game wore Carolina blue, and that the NBA is full of his fellow Heels?

Truth is you probably don’t really know how Chapel Hill came to be the basketball capital of the world?

You don’t know, now do you?

Well, now you do...

Elvis Presley was a Tar Heel.

Yes, it’s a little known fact.

Here’s the proof.

The folks at Guernsey’s are auctioning a bunch of Elvis memorabilia…including this elaborate Ram’s Head Necklace of which the King was very fond. So, step right up, the starting bid is $45,000 and the auction is March 16th.

Here’s the description: Elvis Presley loved jewelry and this piece is possibly the largest and one of the best known gold necklaces that Elvis Presley owned and wore, as seen in various photos from the seventies. This 14k gold necklace features a ram's head motif on a large link 26-inch neck chain. The large center ram's head pendant has two 3mm cabochon cut emerald eyes and nine brilliant cut diamonds down the center of the head. Two smaller ram's heads each have 1 1/2 mm cabochon cut emerald eyes and six brilliant cut diamonds down the center of the heads.

The 21 brilliant cut diamonds weigh approx 1.0 ct. The necklace weighs approx 291 grams. Elvis Presley kept this piece at his home, Graceland, and gave it to his fiancee Ginger in 1977 as they stood inside the dressing area to his bathroom. As he placed it around Ginger's neck, Elvis Presley told her to "Always wear it with something black." This necklace comes with a letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden.

They could have said “Elvis Presley” a few more times if they really tried.

Clearly, Ginger misunderstood. We are pretty sure he said, “Always wear it with something Carolina Blue.”

Alden, who was born in Memphis had a natural affinity for Memphis blue and UT orange, hence the confusion.

You gotta admit, it would look pretty sweet on M.J. when he’s out clubbin’ or shootin’ around with the Bobcats!

Nice, Elvis, NICE!

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