Friday, February 22, 2008


Hey, what’s up with all the court storming after a victory?

The Wake Forest students storm the floor after they upset #2 Duke who was 22-1 at the time. We get that. K-State fans storm the court after winning for the first time at home v. Kansas in something like 182 years…we get that, too. Miami beating Duke for the first time in 45 years…Storm at will.

But, the fans of the Big Orange stormed the court last weekend when their squad knocked off then #8 Georgetown who was 19-3. We know Syracuse and G’town are big rivals, but really now?

The Hoyas are 21-4 and that includes a 5-4 road record in the Big (L)East. That’s just one more loss away from saying you are supposed to beat them on your home court…A 5-4 road record does not a court storming make…

We need some “guidelines,” yes?

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)

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